You do not need to run the Toolkit installer with the Runtime (Royalty Free) license you can just package up the Toolkit DLLs and copy them to the users machine with your installer.

The DLLs you need to copy are found in the x86 and x64 sub-folders of "C:\Program Files\ActivePDF\Toolkit\bin" and can be placed in a few locations. You only need to copy the version of DLLs your application requires, not both.

1. The working directory of your application
2. A directory on your path environment variable.
3. %windir%/[system32/SysWOW64]

If you are running VBScript and need to register the Toolkit DLL after placing the DLLs on the client machine do the following from the command line in the DLLs directory.
> regsvr32 APTK.dll


Go to

  1. Enter Serial number and verification data to get runtime string
    Add the runtime string to your code:
    object.RuntimeKey = “the runtime string generated from CreateRFKey.aspx"

  2. Using .lic file instead of RuntimeKey method

    • Enter runtime key into text file named AP<ProductName>.lic and place the text file in one of these locations:
      The directory where <Product> is running