The need for the WG patch is published.

Please notify Nancy of any requests and let Customer Service deliver the download location so that we may record customers and versions being patched.

 To apply the WebGrabber patch you need to do the following:
     *   Confirm that WebGrabber is installed on the machine that you are applying the patch to.
     *   Run the WebGrabber patch executable file.
     *   Make a test conversion to verify that it works.

The permanent location of the WG_IEConverterPatch.exe is now hosted at this permanent URL.


The issue:

IF any WG version 2013 through 2016 R2.0

AND using the IE engine,

THEN conversions will fail beginning July 19 unless this patch is installed

ELSE update to WG version 2016 R2.1 or higher.

Note: No patch required if ONLY using the NATIVE engine.

The old WebGrabber patch was temporarily available here: u6f0BojKfTngg?e=y0ledY