INTERNAL USE ONLY: Create OCR license file via http://ap-licmgrserver/licfileui/OCR.aspx

Enter the serial number generated from Netsuite order.

Enter Capacity = number of cores (2 core, 4 core) from the item description of the sales order.

Page Count = Take this information from Netsuite line item description of the sales order.

Data Capture = This is an add-on and if not specified leave this box un-checked.


Once the above information is entered into the “License File Manager”, click Generate Link to License button.


The default location is 


Once the “ocr-lic” file is generated you are ready to compose the delivery email to the customer with instructions. OCR installer will have both existing License Manager and OCR Licensor utility.

 +++++++++++++++++++Instructions to Customer Email template+++++++++++++++++++++

Dear Customer,

Here is a license file that needs to be used with your OCR Licensor (steps 2-4). But first use the ActivePDF License Manager (step 1): 

  1. Launch the ActivePDF License Manager and enter serial number ___________________.

  2. Copy the OCR license file _____________________________-ocr.lic (see attachment) to

C:/program files/activePDF.

  1. Launch the OCR Licensor Utility

C:\Program Files\ActivePDF\OCR\LicenseManager\DocSightOCRLicensor.exe

and select Install License File button

  1. Locate the license file from step 2, then select ‘Validate and install license file’.