Checking Customer Account history for licensing and upgrade requests using Netsuite.

Customers are entitled to the number of activations equal to the quantity purchased. A customer can have more than one serial number associated with the same license entitlement. For example, long-time customers with legacy licenses may have received multiple upgrades over the years but are still limited to the number of activations equal to the quantity purchased.

Start with getting the necessary information like company name, order number, quote number, or serial number so you can identify the entitlement. The order number in Netsuite will show the Contract ID and if the customer has current maintenance and support. Check the contract start/end dates, or the contract ID will have the dates embedded; for example (10116_2016-09-09_2018-09-08) the contract Start date = September 9, 2016 and the end date = September 8, 2018 see below.



If the customer’s contract is expired, tab over the grey bar to “renewal contracts” and it will show if the maintenance and support has been renewed.



Right click on the current renewal contract and open in a new tab. From the grey bar select transactions.



Right click on the sales order listed as “Document Number” and open in a new tab.


Check the current order and use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Look to the right under the items & discounts tab at the bottom.  If they have a current contract, the renewal order should generate the upgrade by means of the extension key (if they already have a 28-digit key). Customers keep the same serial number and get a new extension key each year.



In some cases, an additional search of the contract ID/order history in Netsuite is required. When upgrade/serial numbers get generated, documentation is made in Netsuite under the contract.  Locate the contract and check the “notes” tab at the bottom of the page. If there is no note of a serial number being generated, search backwards to the previous years contract. Drill backwards from the current contract, right click, and open the “original contract” in a new tab. Repeat the process if necessary checking the notes tab.


Alternatively you can view the customer ID.


Scroll down to the grey bar and select the “Sales” tab. Then click over to the “End user Transactions”