Microsoft Word Document with Arial Fonts Shows as Helvetica in Output PDF

Converting a Microsoft Word Document with Arial fonts results in an output PDF with Helvetica fonts.

NOTE: This issue affects Server 2009 only.

Probable Cause

This issue can occur when the Server printer definition's True Type Option is not set to handle Native True Type fonts. 


Configure the Server printer definition to use SoftFonts/Native TrueType fonts. Do the following:

  1. From the Start Menu, select ActivePDF > ActivePDF User Interface. The Common User Interface opens.

  2. Click Serverin the navigation pane.

  3. Click Printer Definitions, then select the target profile to edit.NOTE: This is typically the Default 

  4. Change the True Type Option to "Native TrueType".

  5. Restart the Server service.

  6. Run the conversion again, checking that the output PDF font is correct.

  7. Close the profile, and then save the changes.